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OU Lynx Academy: Capitol Hill Library

What was science like in the time of the Greeks and Romans? What about in the time of Galileo? The History of Science provides a way to cut across the disciplines in imaginative ways. Come join a docent from the OU Academy of the Lynx and learn about the objects in the history of science trunk. This time will be a participatory, hands-on experience, with a variety of activities to engage the history of science.


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Call for Docents

Docents are trained volunteers who give scheduled tours of the Galileo's World Reprise exhibit, or who arrange to be present at special events to interact with visitors and/or supervise activities in the Exploration Room.   

For scheduled tours, Docents are paired with tour groups according to their interests and expertise.  Tours may be arranged for specific ages, subject areas, or type of group.  Perhaps you would prefer 3rd graders, or secondary science classes, music or art groups, or senior citizens, etc.  We welcome graduate students in any field and retired members of the Norman community to serve as docents.  We especially need docents with experience in educational, scientific or museum settings.  

For more information, see the “Docents” page under the “Collaborate” menu. http://oulynx.org/docents