Contributed OERs

The exhibits in the History of Science Collections inspire interest from a wide range educators. Many of these wish to contribute to the future participation and experience of all interested learners - students, teachers, adults. As a result the OU Academy of the Lynx invites participation from such educators by providing Contributed Open Educational Resources.

Contributed OERs include blogposts, lesson plans, and other educational resources that educators produce in response to the exhibit. They are hosted by the contributor on his or her own server or web host, and then linked to from the OU Academy of the Lynx website. We ask any educator who wishes to have his or her resources linked to from this website to agree to the following conditions:

When preparing a contributed OER, we welcome you to use the following Lynx logo:

Right-click to download, or click thumbnail to view a larger version.

The OU Lynx logo based on a green medallion is reserved for OERs produced by and under the editorial supervision of the OU Academy of the Lynx.