Rotating Display calendar

Reprise (2016-2018) | Rotating Display calendar | Sky at Night (reprise)
  • 2016
    • September-October: The Scientific Revolution (Schusterman Library, OU-Tulsa)
    • November-December: Copernicus and Meteorology (National Weather Center)
  • 2017
    • January-February: Galileo, the Moon and Perspective Drawing (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art)
    • March-April: Galileo and Anatomy (Bird Library, Oklahoma City)
    • May-June: Galileo and Microscopy (Sam Noble Museum)
    • July-August: Galileo and Kepler (National Weather Center)
    • September-October: Galileo and Experimentation (National Weather Center)
    • November-December: Galileo, Natural History and the Americas (Sam Noble Museum)
  • 2018
    • January-February: Galileo and Sports (Headington Hall)
    • March-April: Galileo and Health Care (Bird Library, Oklahoma City)
    • May-June: Space Science after Galileo (National Weather Center)
    • July-August: Quest for Other Worlds (Bizzell Memorial Library)

Each rotating display will open with a Chat with the Curators Walking Tour, usually the second Thursday of the month. See the Galileo's World group at for details.

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