Group Tours

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Scheduled docent programs for the Galileo's World exhibit may be on-site tours or off-site programs:​​​

Basic tour or activity program, 60 minutes

A basic tour or activity program may interweave the stories of the books with 3 or 4 short activities or OERs (e.g., the duochord, telescope lenses, and inclined plane; see the list of OERs).  Before a tour or off-site program, the teacher or group leader and the docent may discuss which OERs might be most interesting to that particular group.  No two events are necessarily the same.

Extended tour or activity program, 90 minutes to 3 hours

Harlow Room Activity

An extended tour or activity program may incorporate extended versions of any of the OERs used for shorter events.  Alternatively, an extended program may consist of a variety of activities emphasizing any one of the following themes or subject areas:

  • Art, music and astronomy
    (elementary, middle and secondary school versions)
  • Constellations and the Night Sky
    (3rd grade to adult; astronomy, literature, art, music; may include any of the following:  constellation cards, planispheres, celestial globes, star clocks, astrolabe, armillary sphere)
  • Galileo's Engineering Compass
    (secondary school math, science)
  • Galileo's Inclined Plane and the Law of Free Fall
    (secondary; replicate Galileo's experiment with the inclined plane - on-site only)
  • From Calculators to Computers
    (secondary school math, science; may include abacus, slide rule, Galileo's compass, Ada Lovelace's computer)